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The Maryland Crabs is a podcast based in Annapolis Maryland which was launched in September 2016 after, quite literally years of hemming and hawing.  After a few false starts, many aborted concepts, we just took the plunge, whipped out the credit cards and lit Amazon on fire with equipment orders. And here we are!

This podcast is not about interviews. It’s about topics and conversations of interest to Marylanders!

We are not going to shy away from controversy or discomfort. Valuable conversations can emerge from them. We will not be adversarial for the sake of being adversarial, but you can expect some heated exchanges between Tim and John and Guests–or any combination of those.

About Guests–we're going to have plenty of them! Some will be local or regional in nature--others more broad.

And, we may even take this show on the road. Some night, you might find us propped on a bar stool at the Ebb Tide..or worse!

To learn more about us and who we's your link!

Mar 31, 2017

This is a Crabcake from The Maryland Crabs!  What is a Crabcake? Well, it's a very short snippet of something you need to know. It might be 5 minutes long..or it might be 20.  In any event, enjoy your Maryland Crabcake! 


This Crabcake is all about opening night. Th newest effort by Rob Reiner, LBJ was screened at Maryland Hall for the Creative Arts in Annapolis Maryland and Reiner was in attendance along with Jeffrey Donovan who played JFK.

We hear the post screening with the film's creators moderated by WOR Film Critic Joe Neumaier. Included in the panel were Reiner along with producers Trevor and Tim White and Matthew George; and writer Joey Hartstone. Of course, Reiner has some comments on the current situation in Washington DC.

After the screening, things heated up at the Boys & Girls Club of Annapolis which is the old Wiley Bates High School. During segregation, Annapolis had a white high school (Maryland Hall) and a black one (Boys & Girls Club) and the the locations were selected as a nod to LBJ and the passage of the Civil Rights Act which was a milestone of his administration.

LBJ stars Woody Harrelson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Jeffrey Donovan, and Richard Jenkins.