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The Maryland Crabs is a podcast based in Annapolis Maryland which was launched in September 2016 after, quite literally years of hemming and hawing.  After a few false starts, many aborted concepts, we just took the plunge, whipped out the credit cards and lit Amazon on fire with equipment orders. And here we are!

This podcast is not about interviews. It’s about topics and conversations of interest to Marylanders!

We are not going to shy away from controversy or discomfort. Valuable conversations can emerge from them. We will not be adversarial for the sake of being adversarial, but you can expect some heated exchanges between Tim and John and Guests–or any combination of those.

About Guests–we're going to have plenty of them! Some will be local or regional in nature--others more broad.

And, we may even take this show on the road. Some night, you might find us propped on a bar stool at the Ebb Tide..or worse!

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Aug 23, 2018

It's controversial. The HPV vaccine. Some say it will prevent cancer. Others are not so sure. One woman in Sparks, Maryland knows that it killed her daughter. 

Annapolis resident, Josh Mazer has been critical of the way this vaccine has been marketed to children. After all, it IS a sexually transmitted disease.  Mazer uncovered a letter sent to all the school superintendents in the state encouraging them to push the vaccine and suggesting that it should be included with typical pre-school vaccinations. He also dug up $90 million that the State received to market the drug. 

The State is beginning to listen, but Mazer feels they have a long way to go.

The genesis of this episode was an opinion piece in The Capital. It piqued our interest and we sat down with Josh with an open mind and learned a lot. And for those who will immediately jump on the "he's a wacko, nut-job, anti-vaxxer" bandwagon--he's not. And we address that!

Listen, learn, question. We did. You owe it to yourself and your kids to do the same!  

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